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Published January 17, 2012

Well Canvassed
Native American Cots for Ice Fishing

Indian vs Indian
In this weather, there are really only two things to do.

Watch Wes Welker beat the tail feathers off the Ravens. And ice fishing.

Today, we’ll focus on the latter...

Say hello to Indian vs Indian, a new smorgasbord of ice fishing gear (cots, chairs, etc.) repurposed with Native American fabrics, available online now.

This is all brought to you by a woman in Portland, Oregon, named Noelle. She takes old wooden cots, stools and rocking chairs—i.e., the perfect stuff for your ice fishing hut—and dresses them up with Native American fabrics. But not just any Native American fabrics. She uses Pendleton Woolen Mills Native American fabrics (the gold standard of Native American fabrics).

Each item is handmade, so every piece you buy is one-of-a-kind. Which is key when you want to have the most novel, stylish and Native American-y ice fishing yurt on the lake in New Hampshire.

Or if you just want a warm daybed to snooze on while “fishing.”
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