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Grand Ol’ Party
The Hot List: 2012 Holiday Parties

It’s imperative to take a step back and reflect on what’s important this time of year. Like parties. Speaking of, here are five spots for throwing your annual holiday soiree. Don’t forget your mistletoe headband...

UD - The Back Room at Lincoln


The Back Room at Lincoln

You Require: A cavernous, Prohibition-y enclave heavy on the pizza.
You’ll Receive: Echoes of coworkers whooping at the pies flowing from the wood-fired oven, while gearing up for bad decision-making at the white-tiled back bar. Right where Claire from IT quietly thrashes to the live band you brought in. Go on, Claire.
Holds 110, Lincoln Tavern, 425 W Broadway, 617-765-8636
UD - Henry Long Room at the Athenaeum


Henry Long Room at the Athenaeum

You Require: A place to bring your board of directors.
You’ll Receive: Posh holiday revelry that’s been waiting for you since the late 1800s. Our suggestion: forgo the tables and keep it cocktail-y for 130. If there’s a time to discuss a promotion, it’s when the top brass feels at home.
Holds 60 to 130, Boston Athenaeum, 10 1/2 Beacon St, 617-720-7667
UD - The Second Floor of Hops n Scotch


The Second Floor of Hops n Scotch

You Require: Your fantasy league’s three favorite liquids.
You’ll Receive: Second-floor leather booths for flights of scotch, whiskey and suds while overlooking Coolidge Corner. If you have a request not in the house, the owners can pull from the spirits emporium next door, which they also own. Feel free to get creative.
Holds 75, Hops n Scotch, 1306 Beacon St, Brookline, 617-232-8808
UD - Your Place. No, Really.


Your Place. No, Really.

You Require: Some spare cash for the holidays.
You’ll Receive: Your apartment listed as a rentable venue on Eventup, which just launched in town (don’t worry, they provide insurance). After they take 15%, you get to keep whatever profit is left over. In short: your St. Barts trip has just been paid for.
Eventup, find spots or sign up your place here
UD - The Back Room at Belly


The Back Room at Belly

You Require: A secluded feast. In a wine room.
You’ll Receive: A farmstead bounty of whole roasted pork shoulder, grits and homemade pickles at a back-room table, while you work your way through the double magnum bottles of bubbly and vino underneath a painting of Rocky Marciano. Marciano: huge oenophile.
Seats 12, Belly Wine Bar, 1 Kendall Square, Cambridge, 617-494-0968, reserve here
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