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Published May 24, 2013

Inner Sanctum
Church Pews and Small Plates in Jamaica Plain

You’ve stepped inside a few churches in your day.

For weddings. Holidays. Confessions after the occasional trip to Vermont.

Whatever has led you into them over the years, you’ve always thought, “I bet some of this stuff would look good in a cool neighborhood bar.”

Well, you were right.

So get ready to not repent at Centre Street Sanctuary, your new Jamaica Plain haunt for non-pious imbibing on old church stuff, opening this Tuesday.

We’re pretty sure spending a night here with a group of rakish sinners won’t damn you to hell. From the 700-pound oak church door that was transformed into the bar top... to the wooden pews from a Cambridge church... nothing was procured in a soul-damning manner (read: it’s all salvaged).

You’ll probably want to dive right in. Use the backdrop of stained glass to take down small plates of lamb satay and curried mussels—or even a 12-ounce, grass-fed New York strip with red wine butter—while you engage in long theological debates (or, you know, discuss Game of Thrones).

But if you and a date are just thirsty, you can grab a high-top and cool down with one of their from-scratch sangrias. Like the Nectar of Life (spiced rum, ginger beer, white wine and jasmine liqueur).

New rule: sangria in church. Could be a game changer.
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