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Published February 22, 2013

Road Warrior
Porchetta and Serious Cocktails in Fort Point

We just spoke with Large Marge.

She’s our on-call, porchetta-sensing telephone psychic.

Her prediction: you’re going to want to brave the arctic winds of Fort Point over the next several days.

Mainly due to: Tavern Road, a new cocktailing asylum with whole animals and homage-paying wall art, aiming to open on Congress Street early next week.

A delicate balance must be struck when claiming a new local haunt in Fort Point. Needs to be a little industrial, a little artsy. In short: this. It’s courtesy of chef Louis DiBiccari (Sel de la Terre, Storyville), who used local artists to create a stunning 30-foot wall mural that pays homage to his master sculptor uncle.

You’re going to want to hit this place after work with your buddies, starting at the bar. They’ve got bottled beer but no beer taps, so you’ll kick things off with a Blush Baby (white and amber rum, blackberry, wine) or one of the other cocktails designed by the staff’s bartender friends across the country (in this case, NYC’s Clover Club).

Then, you’ll grab a table and dig into plenty of oysters, spit-roasted quail, porchetta and rabbit (all small-plated for sharing). But if you want a stronger tipple-assisting base, go with “Today’s Animal”—dishes using local whole animals, like pigs from Massachusetts, lambs from Maine and goats from Vermont.

Vermont makes some impressive goats.
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