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Published September 29, 2010

Star Power
Burgers and Gravy Fries Near the Garden

You waited all summer.

You suffered through a bummer of a Sox season (next year, fellas). But starting next week, the Celtics begin their title run.

And we know just where you can watch them...

Introducing The North Star, your new neighborhood go-to for cold beers and comfort food a stone’s throw away from the Garden, soft-opening tonight.

Brought to you by the guys behind Good Life bar downtown, the North Star rises up in the old DJ’s at the Garden space, which shuttered this summer. They’ve added a few coats of paint, a DJ talent pool from Good Life (so yes, things will get nightlife-y later on) and a dozen more flat-screens (all the better for watching Shaq dunk on Cleveland).

You and a few buddies will want to don your choice C’s gear (or in a pinch, your office clothes), belly up to the bar over a few pitchers and dig into the menu: everything from Drunken Mussels to burgers sautéed in Guinness to lobster mac and cheese.

And if you’re looking to carb load, order the Gravy Fries. They start with a pound-and-a-half of sizzling salted fries, melt a mound of cheddar jack over them, then slather the whole thing with rich beef gravy made in house.

Also known as: Shaq’s breakfast.
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