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Published June 09, 2010

Think Different
Your New Do-Everything Bar


The great boon of free will, but an annoying aspect of nightlife when you can't make up your mind between dinner, drinks or carousing.

You need a place for all of them. With video games.

Introducing Think Tank, the new multifaceted haunt of your indecisive nightlife dreams, officially opening next week in Kendall Square.

Think of it as a Choose Your Own Adventure book, in restaurant form. Should you be feeling the powerful urge for strong cocktails, you and your pals can sidle up to the bar for a few Thai Tais (Mekong Thai rum, dark rum, amaretto). Or just grab some space amongst the throw pillows, flat-screens and funky orange decor of the Barbarella lounge and share a 20-ounce rum-loaded Zombie Para Dos with someone (we suggest you clear it with them first).

But if it's more of a dinner-and-breakdancing kind of evening (again), you'll want to start in the dining area for Steak Frites or Peking Duck Breast, before they open up the space for some lively rump-shaking to some of the best female DJs in town.

And when you sense the time is right for a bit of adolescent relief, slip behind the curtain near the bar and hit up the two arcade games (Golden Tee and a fighting game) over a couple of $4 tallboys of Miller High Life.

Golden Tee is the champagne of arcade games.
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