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The Hot List
The Five Best Tables for Valentine’s Day

Two things you should never forget to do: 1) Remove a Sharpie from your white pants before washing them. 2) Reserve a stellar table for Valentine’s Day. In terms of the latter, here are five excellent options to consider.

UD - Table #13, Puritan & Company

Table #13, Puritan & Company

You Require: Anything involving nooks. Or... trapezoids.
You’ll Receive: A cozy table-banquette nook with said geometrical shape in the back corner of Will Gilson’s lauded house of New England–ness. Use the great views of the oyster bar to inspire a tactful discussion of the effects of mollusks on one’s libido.
Puritan & Company, 1166 Cambridge St, Cambridge, 617-615-6195
UD - Table #56, Cinquecento

Table #56, Cinquecento

You Require: European energy, maybe some hanky-panky.
You’ll Receive: Dim lighting and a Midnight in Paris-y feel as you take turns feeding each other mouthfuls of wild boar gnocchi, then sink deeper into the booth for some clandestine demonstrations of affection. Just keep it classy.
Cinquecento, 500 Harrison Ave, 617-338-9500
UD - Frank’s Table, L’Espalier

Frank’s Table, L’Espalier

You Require: The private table of celebrated owner Frank McClelland.
You’ll Receive: A pop-up chef’s table configured only upon special request (or when Frank wants to eat) behind the saloon and elevator overlooking Boylston, with two French screens providing additional privacy. Note: there’s only one reservation allowed that night. Make it yours.
L’Espalier, 774 Boylston St, 617-262-3023
UD - The Fireplace Room, Catalyst

The Fireplace Room, Catalyst

You Require: The soft glow of firelight on your date.
You’ll Receive: A two-top in Catalyst’s industrial-y fireplace lounge. Here, you’ll commence with bubbly and readings of French poetry while you lie on your own lion-skin rug next to the fire. Note: you should probably clear that last part first.
Catalyst, 300 Technology Sq, Cambridge, 617-576-3000
UD - The William Fly Room, Nix’s Mate

The William Fly Room, Nix’s Mate

You Require: An at-home date, just not at home.
You’ll Receive: A private room with a couch and coffee table set for dinner. Also, you’ll be flanked by candles and flowers while Casablanca plays. This may result in kicking off your shoes or some couch-based naughty time. Or both.
Nix’s Mate, 89 Broad St, 617-348-1234
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