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The weekend is already mentally preparing for 2014.


Half-Off Shirts from Jeremy Argyle

This week, Perks has found you the perfect summer shirt, cut with just enough tail to be tucked, but not so much that you can’t wear the shirt untucked. It’s like having two shirts in one, and they’re half off. We’ll leave the rest of the math to you.
UD - New Orleans-Style SnoBalls Hit Decatur


New Orleans-Style SnoBalls Hit Decatur

If ever there were a time to justify eating a cup full of ice, now would be it. But it’s amazing what happens when you throw in a little black cherry, some chocolate and whipped cream for good measure. Enter the New Orleans SnoBall Café, now open for all your flavored ice needs... and maybe even a muffuletta or two.
Now open, New Orleans SnoBall Café, 340 W Ponce De Leon Ave, 404-617-0044 or 404-788-9141


DJs and Break Dancing at Sweetwater

The ’80s. It was a simpler time of baby-blue tuxedos, crimped hair and gratuitous boxy white limousines. This demands a redo. This Friday, head to the Sweetwater Brewery for an ’80s prom party with bottomless Sweetwater suds, Billy Idol-friendly DJs and a BYOC break-dancing contest... bring your own cardboard.
Jul 9, 9pm-midnight, $30-$40, Sweetwater Brewery, 195 Ottley Dr NE, 404-691-2537, tickets here
UD - Curbside Burritos at Pura Vida


Curbside Burritos at Pura Vida

Sometimes you just need a burrito. And if said burrito happens to be made curbside by a local Top Chef, so be it. This weekend, Pura Vida and chef Hector Santiago will be out in the parking lot serving up chicken burritos with Mexican crema, tomatillo sauce, cilantro and radishes. Like a road-race pit stop, just with burritos instead of water.
Sat-Sun, noon-4pm, parking lot across from Pura Vida, 656 N Highland Ave, 404-870-9797
UD - Closing Out the World Cup with Cigars


Closing Out the World Cup with Cigars

Cigars, beer buckets and futbol... a trifecta you firmly stand behind. So, this Sunday, catch the World Cup final at Highland Cigar Co with $16 beer buckets, ample flat-screens with surround sound and, of course, all the Cohibas you can handle. Soccer is best viewed from a humidor.
Jul 11, 2:30pm, Highland Cigar Co, 245 N Highland Ave, 404-477-2415
UD - Flavored Ice and Half-Price Wine at Tierra


Flavored Ice and Half-Price Wine at Tierra

Next Wednesday, while you’re checking out Tierra’s new summer menu (think Chilled Cucumber Soup with Mint and Cilantro Ice Cubes), you’ll also be checking out a half-price wine list. You never know, that Martinsancho Verdejo may just pair nicely with cilantro ice cubes.
Wednesdays, Tierra, 1425 Piedmont Ave NE, 404-874-5951
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