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Published February 20, 2013

Changes in Longitudes
Three Ways to Take Advantage of Longitude 84

And without further ado, we’d like to present...

Wait. Too fast.

Okay, so there’s this new hotel opening tomorrow called Le Meridien. It’s great. Mainly because... it’s got a giant bar.

Take #2:

And without further ado, we’d like to present Longitude 84, a multiuse cocktail vestibule with a borderline-dumb amount of lounging room, now open in Dunwoody.

Here now: three scenario-appropriate times when you’ll use this place.

An 11am Business Affair Needs Handling...
Handle it here. They encourage that type of thing. Bright white communal tables with outlets built in. Floor-to-ceiling windows. A more-than-adequate coffee and dessert menu. It’s all there awaiting your approval. Gin. They’ve got gin, too.

285 Is Jammed. You’re Hungry. It’s Happy Hour...
You got caught north of Buckhead around rush hour. Your options are 1) sitting in traffic or 2) sitting in a plush orange chair at the bar and waiting it out over steak tartare and ginger margaritas. Thought so.

Your Party of Two Wishes to Remain Anonymous...
Hypothetically speaking, of course. So, hypothetically, head here. Walk under the map of downtown Atlanta on the ceiling and into one of those white cubby booths. Order a flute of something with bubbles in it for your companion. Order a gin cucumber martini for you.

Then order a room.
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