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Published January 11, 2013

Village People
A Buckhead Bar with Moonshine Apple Pie

Your jeans: faded. Your shirt: 100% cotton. Your shoes: slippers.

One of three things is happening here.

And if it’s not casual Friday and you’re not at a Jason Aldean concert...

Then you’re probably about to drink moonshine out of a mason jar.

Probably somewhere like The Village Tap, a laid-back new watering hole with brown bag lunches, spiked apple pie and a giant covered patio, opening Thursday in Buckhead.

Here’s the deal. You take care of the bartender and she’ll take care of you. Maybe save you one of those 10 prime spots at the bar. Hand you some blackberry moonshine on the rocks. Perhaps even smile at you. It’s the little things at this place.

So next time you’re nearby, stop in. Introduce yourself to someone and slide into a wooden booth. They’ll bring you biscuits when you do that. And they’re big on infusing things here, so you might get some bourbon-infused honey butter with those biscuits. And an apple moonshine reduction in your apple pie. And whiskey in your mason jar full of Jack’s Cider (lemon, honey, cider beer... whiskey).

Then again, maybe you’re in a hurry. In which case, they’ll just prep a brown bag lunch for you. Some kind of meat-and-two situation like fried chicken with collard greens and mac and cheese. Or pot roast with...

Who cares. There’s pot roast.
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