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Published December 21, 2012

Midtown’s New ’20s-Themed Dance Lair

This could be our last afternoon together.

And if so... nice knowing you.

But actually, we think the Mayans got it wrong. The world’s not going to end.

It’s just going to revert back to the unrestrained glory of the 1920s...

Tip your hat to Gatsby’s, a new ’20s-style danceteria for late-night moon pies, monsoons of giggle water and the utter destruction of a giant dance floor, slated to open on New Year’s Eve in Midtown.

Jay Gatsby. Maybe you’ve heard of the guy. Well, apparently he’s been holding out on a hidden wing in his mansion all this time. And apparently, it’s this place—tables laminated with Boston Daily pages from 1896. Frilly pink lampshades. Cement handprints from James Stewart and Humphrey Bogart on the wall (their hands... smaller than you’d think).

Come here with a group. A good-looking one, if possible. Toss your fedoras on the rack by the bar and consider arm wrestling someone. Then think better of it and grab a Big Six instead (yes, it involves six different liquors). And what’s that behind you... hey, it’s that giant dance floor. It’ll be there all night. You should probably do something about that.

And right. New Year’s Eve. That’s when they’re having a red-carpet masquerade ball with live big band music, confetti cannons and a balloon drop.

Unless someone screwed up and bought helium balloons.
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