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Published December 11, 2012

Lamp of Approval
Pisco and Late-Night Lobster Rolls in Buckhead

It’s a wonderful time of year.

Some might even say the most wonderful.

But... sometimes you just need a breather.

What with all the plastic swiping and food courting and late-night lobster rolling right across the street from Lenox Square.

Right. That last one. That one’s new.

And it’s called Seven Lamps, a low-lit safe house for coddling beers, drinking pisco and just murdering some after-hours lobster rolls, opening Friday in Buckhead.

So this is right by Lenox. Which you can look at in one of two ways: 1) Make it stop. 2) Make it stop. Then make it really easy to walk across the street and grab a beer with gin in it.

Let’s take a look behind door #2, shall we...

It’s one of those lived-in-looking places. Chopped firewood stacked by the open kitchen. Mason jars everywhere. Pisco aging in little wooden barrels.

Morning croissants: sure, they’ve got those. Midafternoon brisket sandwiches: those, too. But you’re probably better off coming here right around, say, 1:30am. That’s when those buttered lobster rolls and a Cap’n Crunch–infused rye cocktail will best suit your needs.

Consider a shot at that big communal table over by the bar. You see, the vodka here comes with things like sous vide pears. And the jalapeño-infused tequila... that’s got a salty slice of watermelon on it.

If you swallow the seeds, maybe tequila will grow inside you.
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