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Published November 26, 2012

Hall Pass
Tacos and DIY Cocktails in Buckhead

Welcome back. We trust you had a good holiday. Hope you’re feeling well rested.

Because tomorrow, you’re taking the bull by the horns...

As far as your gin cocktails are concerned.

Say hello to Cook Hall, a dark and rustic bar for burgers, brunches and self-spiking beverages, opening tomorrow in the old Market spot at the W Buckhead.

As far as hotel bars go, this... isn’t one. It’s more like a watering hole from a Tombstone bordello, circa 1907. Everything here is vintage. From the clocks to the faded black-and-white framed photos to the crystal punch bowl that holds your Howitzer Gun Punch (that’s rye, pinot noir, black tea, Bénédictine and one ladle).

Our suggestion: use this as a starting point before ascending up to Whiskey Blue. Grab a spot at the bar’s double-sided wooden banquette and summon some crispy duck tacos and Welsh rarebit with a fried quail egg. Then, order a drink. Or, better yet, invent one.

Yup, ask, and they’ll put together a cocktail kit for you at the bar. You’ll get a metal basket stocked with your chosen spirit (go with vodka), a mixer (go with Bloody Mary mix) and a glass of fresh herbs.

It’s thyme time.
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