Joint Venture

A Sexy New Lounge in Buckhead

Quick, we’re going dancing.



Meet The Joint Barroom, a mischievously dark new bar that’s just built for an evening of majestic rhythmic bodily movement, opening tonight in Buckhead.

This is from the Tongue & Groove guys, so it’s very dance-y in here. Blinking lights behind the bar. A massive DJ booth with flat-screens. A stripper pole on the bar. (Go with it.) And above your head: a giant, spiral chandelier. (Hey, your Dougie is nothing without the right lighting.)

Your play is to come here after dinner for drinks and get in a few practice moves before heading next door. Your spirit of choice: maybe a White Dog Manhattan, made with BBQ-flavored bitters and served on draft. (Taps: not just for beer anymore.) Or the damn-near-impossible-to-order-out-loud Ice Loves Coco, made with coconut rum and coconut water and served inside of a coconut shell.

If you’re going with a group, reserve a spot on the mezzanine. There’s a massive leather banquette, where you can summon a jug of moonshine, a few bowls of Jiffy Pop and a plate of beef jerky or two.

Otherwise known as things you’d never want to consume while dancing.


The Joint Barroom
565 Main St NE
(near Riverdale Rd)
Atlanta, GA 30349
official website
Business is closed

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