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Published April 16, 2012

How Biczar
300 Vodkas and a Bar Made Out of Solid Ice

You learned two things in Russia.

Never smile at a pet crocodile.

And trust can only be gained by an evening of shot-for-shot imbibing.

Side note: the shots have to be liquid-nitrogen-chilled vodka, or it doesn’t count...

Welcome to Czar Ice Bar, a stunning homage to infusing, chilling and vodka-inspired epiphanies, soft-opening tonight in Buckhead.

If you’ve ever found yourself daydreaming about quaffing smoked-salmon-flavored vodka at an ice bar, well, this place is all vodka, all day, with a Kindle menu full of 300 exotic bottles of the stuff from 23 countries.

It’s the kind of place you’ll go when you have an evening to kill. No, really: there are 330,791,175-some-odd liquid-nitro-chilled vodka flight possibilities, so you’ll want to stretch out on the blue-and-white couches with a fellow vodka aficionado (or five). From there, you can survey the chef-run sushi bar doling out nigiri with sweet-and-salty red caviar, the giant paintings of Russian czar types and the focal point: a 20-foot-long bar top made of solid ice.

There, you’ll pick a Slovakian or Armenian vodka (if it’s from the top shelf, a “vodka angel” will scale a ladder for it). And because you’re celebrating (your blimp jousting championship isn’t going to celebrate itself), there’s the Swarovski Czar Martini with 159-times-distilled vodka and caviar-stuffed olives in a crystal glass.

Distilling it 160 times would’ve been excessive.
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