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Bowled Over
The Food for Your Super Bowl Party

Sunday is the Super Bowl. You’re... probably less enthused about the game than you’ve been in recent years. So here, allow us to make a suggestion: focus less on the football and more on the food. Below, the five things you need for a perfect game-day party.

UD - Turning Your Yard into a Tailgate

Turning Your Yard into a Tailgate

The Situation: It’s going to be damn near 60 on Sunday. That calls for grilling.
The Solution: This local butcher will make a special fresh-meat delivery for you. Any cut. You name it, they’ll bring it. Boston butt. Rump roast. Beef heart. Yep, we’re thinking beef heart sliders, too.
Finely Cured Butchery & Charcuterie, order at 404-539-0497
UD - Ordering Up an Entire Bar

Ordering Up an Entire Bar

The Situation: You’d like to watch football at a bar, but your couch... it’s pretty damn comfortable.
The Solution: These guys deliver bars to your living room. Yes, entire bars. The spirits. The bartenders. The backlit countertop for you to dance on during halftime. Wait, what?
Raising the Bar, reserve at 404-826-5945
UD - Food with Beer in It

Food with Beer in It

The Situation: It’s the Super Bowl. Let’s eat some beer.
The Solution: Ormsby’s has beer food. Also, they’re doing takeout on Sunday. So swing by and pick up some Guinness-braised bratwurst and Guinness-dipped pretzels. Pairs well with Guinness.
Ormsby’s, 1170 Howell Mill Rd, 404-968-2033
UD - Chocolate Chicken Wing Delivery

Chocolate Chicken Wing Delivery

The Situation: It’s the fourth quarter, time for the dessert meat course.
The Solution: There’s this rebel catering company that’s doing some interesting things with dark chocolate. Like covering baked chicken drummettes in the stuff and delivering them to you on Sunday. It’s... not how they do it in Buffalo.
The Chocolate Bar Catering Company, order at 866-977-3011
UD - A Hangover-Curing House Call

A Hangover-Curing House Call

The Situation: You somehow need to make it into work on Monday.
The Solution: Here’s a service that’ll send a licensed professional over to your home to hook you up to an IV. That’s right, a licensed professional.
Replenish IV Solutions, reserve at 404-939-7666
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