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Good Times...
The Most Dubious Moments of 2012

The State of the State in 2012: pretty good. But there were a few inglorious moments along the way. Hiccups on a grand scale, if you will. Officially, those things are best left unsaid. Unofficially, those things are pretty hilarious, and we’d like to revisit them now. Don’t tell the tourist department...


Kevin Bacon Shows Up at BaconFest

In late March, the bacon-related stars aligned. See, BaconFest happened. Like it does. But this time, Kevin Bacon was in town filming a movie. Then his nose started tingling. Then he smelled the sweet, sweet smell of his surname. And then... he showed up. He’s not not going to show up.


Honey Boo Boo Sets Us Back 20 Years

Just east of Macon, there’s a town. One where Go Go Juice, mud wrestling and toddler pageants reign supreme. Yes, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo premiered this year. And, apparently, people found it entertaining. Which would’ve been fine. If it took place somewhere else. Or didn’t exist in the first place.


Nakedness Took a Hit. Hard.

The good news: somebody painted a woman in various stages of undress on a Southeast Atlanta–area wall. The bad news: some residents raised hell, vandalized it and all but brought out pitchforks until it was eventually painted over. It was a defeat for art everywhere. Also, nakedness.


Braves Fans Got a Little Angry

Cardinals at Braves. National League wild-card game. Eighth inning. Simmons hits a pop fly and the ump calls an infield fly rule, most likely costing the Braves the game. The fans’ response: throwing beer bottles onto the field and yelling “boo” for about 20 minutes. Unfortunately, it didn’t help.


Marta’s Safety Slide Rap Happened

Too many. That’s how many Atlantans now know the 11 rules of Marta safety. And it’s all thanks to this Marta-directed rap video, which stars the WNBA’s Atlanta Dream mascot and a cheerleader. In a word: fascinating. Watch your back, all Bieber videos circa 2008 to present.

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