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Published November 21, 2012

The Hard Way
A Gym with No Workout Equipment

Play Hard GymTomorrow you’re going to eat.

Tomorrow you’re going to watch football.

Tomorrow you’re going to nap.

Today... well, today you’re going to pound the heck out of a giant tire with a sledgehammer.

Welcome to Play Hard Gym, the kind of fitness center that replaces dumbbells with old car parts and treadmills with parkour courses, now open in that Bermuda Triangle somewhere between Buckhead and Vinings.

Part boot camp, part fight club, part middle school recess. That’s what you’re dealing with here. A warehouse-looking workout facility where rope ladders hang from the ceiling, monster truck tires cover the floor and ellipticals... well, they’re nowhere to be found.

The reason we’re telling you about this right now: they’re open today. Also, tomorrow. At 8am. For that pre-Thanksgiving dinner circuit training. Just throw on some sort of color-coordinated tracksuit, tell them it’s your first time at the facility, and they’ll comp the charge. Then, they’ll let you run amok. Literally. They’ve got a parkour course set up for you to go berserk on.

And after the big meal, well, you can always sign up for unlimited access to their classes during the holiday season.

We sense a potential resolution coming on.
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