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Published February 13, 2013

Portable Authority
Grill Steaks. Charge Your Phone. Sure.

BioLite Portable GrillIt’s raining.

But tomorrow, it’s not going to be raining.

You know how weather works.

So let’s skip all that and talk about how soon you’ll be outside playing in all that non-rain.

Reveling in it. Cooking giant slabs of meat in it.

Charging your phone while cooking giant slabs of meat in it...

Meet the BioLite Portable Grill, a frisbee-sized grill top that weighs 2.64 pounds and is about to completely revolutionize barbecuing-your-face-off-in-the-woods as you know it, available for preorder now.

This thing is small enough to fit in your backpack, big enough to cook multiple steaks at once and hot enough to stave off heat-hating bears. Just light some kindling under it and it’ll get searing.

Go ahead and request your grill top now (it ships in a couple months). In the meantime, you’ll also need their small-but-crazy-powerful stove (yes, it can and will charge your cell phone). So order that, too. They’ll both arrive in time for camping season, at which point you’ll gather some like-minded carnivores and take it somewhere for a test-drive. Like a national park. Or a Piedmont Park... park.

Just fire up the stove, slap on the grill top, and just like that, your meat-making surface area is expanded significantly.

Expand your meat-making surface area, expand your mind.
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