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  • Pure Intentions

    Pure Intentions

    The New Standard in Vodka

  • Feel the ’Vern

    Feel the ’Vern

    Patio. Pork Belly Mac and Cheese. Many Beers.

  • Comic Relief

    Comic Relief

    Brick Store and Leon’s Vets Made You This

  • Little Giants

    Little Giants

    A Bar in an Alley from Team Paper Plane

  • Rye Hard

    Rye Hard

    You and 140 Whiskeys in Virginia Highland

  • Burning Point

    Burning Point

    Your New Buckhead Danceteria Goes Like This

Elsewhere on UD

  • Mag Reel

    Mag Reel

    This Turns Your Pics into Real Magazines

  • Oh, Deer

    Oh, Deer

    A Cabin-Like Bar with Meat and Slushies

  • Breaking Chad

    Breaking Chad

    The First-Ever US-Led Trip to Chad